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The " Musée Lambinet"

Access :
SNCF : Paris Saint-Lazare (Versailles-Rive droite) Paris Montparnasse (Versailles-Chantiers)
RER : Paris C line (Versailles-Rive gauche)

Cultural Activities :
Guided visits for adults and scholl activities by appointment. French and english Audioguides.

Acces to the "Musée Lambinet"

Exhibition 2007 :
From 20 march to 24 june 2007
Les belles feuilles du musée Lambinet
Dessins français XVIIIe-XIXe siècles

54 boulevard de la Reine - 78000 Versailles
Tél. : 01 39 50 30 32 - Fax. : 01 39 51 90 88

Etienne Jeaurat (1699-1789)
Joueuse de vielle
Dessin aux trois crayons sur papier gris-bleu - Vers 1762

Georges Lacombe (1868-1916)
Etude pour l'Automne ou Les Ramasseuses de marrons
Fusain - Vers 1894
Eugène Viollet-le-Duc (1814-1879)
Une avalanche
Gouache sur traits à la mine de plomb
S.D.b.d. : "E. Viollet-le-Duc 1869"

"Le salon doré "- Picture Gilded Hall - Photo PAI
Musée Lambinet Versailles - © All rights reserved
This mansion property of the town of Versailles and classified historical monument was recently restored and enlarged. It presents some collections in 35 rooms which illustrate a double orientation :
to recreate an elegant XVIIIth century mansion which corresponds to its original state and to recall the history of the town of Versailles..


The Terrasse (HT) by Jacques de Lajoue (1686 - 1761)
Musée Lambinet Versailles
© All rights reserved

Some of the 22 rooms still have their original panelling, and are decorated with works of artists from Versailles :

Houdon 's sculptures including busts of his daughter and Rousseau and Collin de Vermont's sketches. Other significant works are exhibited : Louis XVI's bust by Pajou. Le maréchal de Saxe by J.B. Lemoyne, and painting by Largillière, Demachy, Lajoue and along with pastels by Joseph Boze. Some stamped pieces of furniture, ceramics, decorative objects (snuffboxes, miniatures watches), rare copper plaques for the impression of Jouy's canvas complete this presentation.


Charlotte Corday's portrait (HT)
Anonyme XVIIIe siècle
Musée Lambinet Versailles
© All rights reserved
Pictures, plans illustrate Versailles history : XVIIIth century silverware, pharmacy pots coming from Versailles royal hospital. An arms room recalls the Boutet manufacture, famous for making honour and luxurious arms during the Empire. A revolutionary section traces back the beginning of the revolution in Versailles and presents as well an important iconography on Marat and Charlotte Corday.


The two crosiers - Abbaye du Lys
XIIIe au XVe siècle
Musée Lambinet Versailles
© All rights reserved
In a religious art room, two crosiers belonging to a Middle Age abbess, one in silver and the other one in gilded silver, an ewer and a cup remain the most outstanding pieces. Beside the XIXth century landscape painters : Corot, Isabey, Lambinet, some specific sceneries are exhibited, particularly Boilly's two matching pieces, recently purchased. Some other painters' pieces of work from Versailles or from painters who worked there such as the Orientalist Suréda, the Nabi artist Lacombe, the landscape painter Le Sidaner.

Louis-Léopard Boilly (1761 - 1845)
A front seat, during a free performance (HT)
Musée Lambinet Versailles
© All rights reserved

Louis-Léopard Boilly (1761 - 1845)
The melodrama effect (HT)
Musée Lambinet Versailles
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